The Power of Mantra


Mantras have been used as a meditational tool by numerous cultures & religions for around 5000 years.

They need not be complicated, simply the repetition of the primordial ´OM’ can more than suffice in bringing benefit.

And as long as the recitation is heartfelt, the sounds alone of the Sanskrit words of a mantra have resonance, even when their meaning is not fully understood or memorized. As with any subject though, the benefits are of course multiplied with understanding and perfection of the repetition.

Sound has been scientifically proven to create physiological changes in the body at a cellular level. Meaning that the benefits of chanting mantras can have healing effects on a physical as well a psychological level.

Mantra chanting also harmonizes the breath, creating a circular flow of energy, which is at once calming and re-Oxygenating to the blood.

The rhythm created by this cycle is like a lullaby for the soul, going deeper with each repetition. External happenings, sounds, distractions, mental patterns fade away as your focus goes deeper.







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