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Beautiful, Authentic Malas

Choosing Your Mala

Each mala has its own colour theme and healing potential according to the stones within it. Whilst malas have been used as a physical tool for meditation for thousands of years they also serve as a beautiful reminder of our intentions, because it is normally with an intention in mind (consciously or not) that we first choose a mala.
Wherever you're at in your life, will be reflected in your outlook, your tastes and persuasions. Dark or light, satvik or energetic. So it's rarely a difficult choice to make.
It's always right if you align your feelings with the truth. Your mala serves to represent this.

All 108 bead malas are designed with intention and hand crafted according to tradition in the ganges town of Rishikesh, India.
We use all natural, quality stones and beads and employ local and ethical manufacture.
Each mala comes with a cotton pouch for protection and presentation.

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